Mlungix Telmlun is a pioneering mission that will influence how telecom satellites are procured and manufactured in Mlungix.

It is a shift from custom-designed, one-off payloads to a more generic approach, resulting in unprecedented in-orbit reconfigurability in coverage, frequency and power, allowing complete mission rehaul, including orbital position. Mlungix, designed this programme in response to today’s market requiring satellites to be able to respond to changes in geographical or performance demand either during manufacturing or after launch. This would enable the operator, Mlungix, to address emerging business opportunities even after having ordered a satellite.

This flexibility means more efficient use of satellite resources can be made, and those resources can be allocated in response to time-variant requests.

A software-defined satellite

The satellite can meet these requirements through its design: Mlungix Telmlun is fitted with a suite of powerful operational software, which ensures that the payload resources are used as efficiently as possible. The software tool predicts, operates and manages the on-board configuration and reconfiguration of the satellite.

The mission will be implemented under the guideline of NASA And Completed by MLUNGIX, Along with other industrial company, state for the provision of innovative subsystem.

The main characteristics of the Mlungix Telmlun mission are:

Launch: Second half of 2020
Satellite launch mass: 3.5 tonnes
Lifetime: 10 years
Payload power: 5.5 kW
Payload mass: 450 kg