Abhishek Giri
Abhishek is the alumni of IIT- Bombay & Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( Dropped Out). Abhishek is the Founder, CEO & Lead Designer at MLungiX where He oversees the Development & Manufacturing Program of MLungiX mission.
Kelsey Jameson
Jameson has persuade her Doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the Chief Technology Officer Of MLungiX. She is Responsible for the MLungiX’s Technology Direction (R&D) with the Focus of Commercialization Outcomes.
S.R. Venkat Raghavan
Raghavan is the Almuni of IIT- Madras. He is Chief Operating Officer at MLungiX. He Manage the Day to Day Operation of MLungiX. He Oversees the Operating Program of MLungiX.
S. V. Venugopal
Venugopal persuade his Doctorate from Harvard. He is also the Almuni of IIT- Bombay. He is the Chief Financial Officer of MLungiX.He Overseeing the Long term Financial Development of MLungiX interfacing with the Financial Community and Managing the Company Internal Financial Operation.
Peng Huiyan
Peng is the Almuni of Stanford University. Peng was also a Schwarzman Scholar’s. She is the Chief Commercial Officer of MLungiX where She Responsible for it’s Commercial Strategy , Sales, Marketing, Product Development & Customer service to Drive rapid scale up & Business Growth.
Mark Willson
Mark is the Almuni of Carnegie Mellon University. He is also a Schwarzman Scholar’s. Mark is the Chief Information Officer at MLungiX where He is accountable for Developing & Operationalizing the MLungiX’s Terrestrial Network Platform, Customer Service & Enterprise Security.
Andrew Maguie
Andrew persuade his Doctorate from Stanford University.He is the V.P. of Product Definition at MLungiX.His Organizational responsibility include the Development of MLungiX used Facing product Including User Terminal.
Anjali Shah
Anjali Shah is the Alumni of IIIT – Hyderabad. She is the V.P. of Mediranospace. Anjali Shah is accountable for planning the Information Technology for the Future of Mediranospace with MLungiX.