How Small Satellites Are Made

Mass production and satellites have never been used in the same sentence. Each satellite used to be handcrafted by hundreds of engineers. Until now. mlungix is changing things. Today, satellites can be made in the same way high quality medical and avionics equipment are.

Mlungix Satellites:

  • Fewer components
  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to manufactur
  • Cheaper to launch

Mlungix’s User Terminals


User terminals will provide high-speed connectivity with no change in latency during satellite handovers to ensure excellent voice quality, gaming and web experience. Our patent‑pending terminals can be self-installed. They are small, affordable and so efficient they can operate with optionally included solar panels, battery packs, and WiFi/LTE/3G and 2G radios to provide coverage directly to cell phones, tablets and laptops.



Mlungix Development Pitch

Mlungix, recognizing the potential disparity in connectivity access, opened nearly 7 GHz of spectrum globally to connect the world through non-geostationary satellite systems. mlungix license to utilize this capacity enables it to accomplish this through the use of a key enabling technology, developed by mlungix and called “Mlungix Development”. This patent pending technology allows us to use this spectrum in the most efficient way by gradually and slightly tilting our satellites as they approach the equator to make sure we never cause, or receive, interference.

Mlungix International Space Station


Global Citizenship in Space and on Earth

Mlungix understands space is a shared, natural resource that must be protected like any other. We are passionate about preventing debris creation, respecting existing space assets, and ensuring a safe and sustainable space (and Earth!) environment for the future.

On Board Propulsion and State of the Art Positioning


With state‑of‑the‑art on board GPS sensors and ground-tracking measurements, mlungix satellites will know their position within meters.
We’ve chosen clean orbits with minimal debris and our satellites, using their on-board propulsion systems are capable of performing maneuvers to steer clear of anything that may come our way.

End of Life Disposal

When a mlungix satellite nears the end of its intended service life, it will de-orbit automatically, ensuring that the space around our planet remains free and clear for future generations.